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In order for me to be good in pool I must practice everyday. Playing pool takes dedication, focus and courage. Along with its enjoyment it has its ups and downs. When I fall down I know I must get right back up in order to succeed. If I do not everything I have worked for thus far within pool has gone to waste. I will not let my mistakes defeat me. This thinking process can be applied within the math class and your daily life. I warn you though - It is not easy.

Students should practice their multiplication tables at least 15 minutes each day.

Whether you like math or not "You Can Do It". It will require work on your part but what in life doesn't. Pay attention, do your EOG worksheets, stay focus by not getting caught up in the middle school drama and strive to succeed in the math class and on the math EOG.  As my Dad use to ask me when I was younger, "Karen did you do your best. If your answer to that same question is yes, then I cannot ask nothing more from you.  


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