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This worksheet is given every 2 weeks and is graded. It is self-paced. The first initial worksheets will consist of 5th grade material as well as 6th grade. As time goes on and Units have been taught this material will be included on the worksheets. This will continue throughout the year causing a spiral affects which means the students will continue to practice taught material up to EOG's. I will not accept this worksheet after the due date with the exception of a student being absent on the day it is due. Any student can turn this worksheet in before the due date and start on the next EOG worksheet. Students can gets assistance from anyone in the household along with myself. I am available before school, bus time and if time available during class-time.


Homework will not be giving on a regular basis. Most of the homework within the workbook will be completed in class. If homework is giving it will be posted on my website.


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